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Bama khepa: The guru of all Aghoris

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Vama Khepa, a legendary figure who has been revered by devotees and followers of the ancient Aghori tradition in India for centuries. He is renowned for his knowledge and wisdom, as well as his skills in meditation, healing, and spiritualism. Through his teachings and guidance, many have found enlightenment, peace of mind, and even liberation from suffering.

A Brief History Of Vama Khepa

Vama Khepa was born in the late 16th century in Bengal. He was raised by an aghori holy man who taught him all the secrets of the ancient religion. As a young man he traveled to various parts of India to study under different gurus. Eventually he settled down at Banaras where he set up his own ashram. Here he began teaching others about the path of enlightenment and eventually became known as “The Guru of All Aghoris”.


Teachings Of Vama Khepa

Vama Khepa’s teachings revolved around living life with compassion, understanding how our actions affect others, and cultivating inner peace through meditation. He believed that we should strive to reach a higher level of consciousness by being aware of our thoughts and feelings at all times. He also taught that human beings are capable of achieving true liberation from suffering if they can let go of their attachments to material things.

Legacy Of Vama Khepa

Today there are still many followers who keep alive the legacy left behind by Vama Khepa. They practice meditation regularly in order to attain inner peace; they strive to live life with compassion; they use healing techniques derived from his teachings; and they seek out guidance whenever necessary on their spiritual journey.


To this day Vama Khepa remains one of the most influential figures within the Aghori tradition in India. His teachings have inspired countless people across generations to pursue spiritual growth and enlightenment through meditation, healing practices, understanding karma, developing awareness about their thoughts and feelings, and striving for liberation from suffering.

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Maulik Buch is a mystical researcher and has conducted extensive research on Sanatan Dharma, with his expertise in Rudraksha, Aghor, Tantra, and Vedic rituals . Maulik is an ex journalist and public relations expert and run REOFACTS Media &Com Pvt Ltd.
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